Philately Auctions

Currently, we are receiving material to autumn 11th auction 

We accept that until the end of July 2024

How to offer items/material?

  1. Send us an email with attached photos or scans of your collection or single items. Or call us and describe what would you like to impart to our auction.
  2. If necessary we can arrange a personal meeting of each other and discuss about details.

Contact form

After we receive your material.

  1. We scan the items and make a precise description . According to agreement with you, we set a starting price. In case of valuable items, we are able to provide a verification by expert.
  2. Then we place your items to our auction catalogue.
  3. Safe storage of your material is a matter of course.
  4. The auction takes place through the very well known auction platform, which has a big database of registered users/customers (philatelists). In addition, we have an users database as well, which contain more than 1500 customers.
  5. You can check running results and prices of your items from the very first releasing of catalogue, until the end of auction.


Martin Jakubík M.A.

Tel.: +420 728 544 333