Receiving material to autumn 11th auction 

We accept that until the end of July 2024        

Auction will offer primarily Czechoslovakian as well as British stamps

What you can look forward to in September ...

We do it differently !!

We provide unriveled the lowest commission for our items suppliers. Single items with starting price from 10 000 CZK (400 EUR) even completely WITHOUT COMMISSION of supplier. 

Sample of items from previous auctions

Hradčany 20h 
Hradčany 30h
Hradčany 1000h
PČ 1919 - Flugpost 4K
Austria - Mercury
Mauritius "Post Paid" Sg. 13
Jubilejní 1923 - 100h
British Honduras 
Mauritius "Lapirot" Sg. 39
Mauritius "Post Paid" Sg. 22

Extraordinary item from our 9th auction

In previous 9th auction, which took place on November 2023 had been offered an extraordinary itemp from post-war Czechoslovakia. Privileged print no.1 (VT1) depicting 1st communist president Klementa Gottwalda,  with signature of the former Minister of Post A. Neumann. This item has not appeared in any auction for several years. This item has been sold for 31 000 CZK. 

Auction take place on as usually

We focus on:

Holding Auctions of Philately

We usually hold 2-3 auctions per year. 

Low commission

One of the lowest commission at the market.


Individual attitude